Public Engagement

Prof. Kevin Duffy (PhD, Virginia)  Applying Mathematics in African Teaching Programs.
Africa has some very competent university graduates in mathematics. However, in many African countries the school leavers on average have low mathematical skills. This fact contributes, along with several other issues such as a history of colonization and widespread poverty, to low economic growth.

We have a small group of dedicated applied mathematics professionals. Our aim is to further our work and at the same time address how mathematical knowledge can be expanded to a greater proportion of African people. We intend to do and spread mathematics.


Professor Megan Govender has created a number of shows including: Riddles in Your Soup Mug, The Flying Circus of Science and the Science of Fun which have been watched by thousands of learners and educators.

These concepts have also been adapted for the theatre and radio with shows such as: So You Thought Einstein was a Genius and So You Thought Einstein was a Genius Too! which played at the Natal Playhouse and iZulu Theatres in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

Known as Dr G by his students, he has attracted media recognition for popularizing science. This includes  radio and his  YouTube channel: what the watt science (wtwscience)