Sample of Institute of Systems Science publications

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Natural Systems Modelling Group

Wildlife, Environment, Agriculture and Disease

Duffy, K.J., 2022. Attacking the role of invasion in ecology: A holistic approach. South African Journal of Science, 118(11/12).

Mugabi, F., Duffy, K.J., Mugisha, J.Y. and Collins, O.C., 2022. Optimal control analysis of bluetongue virus transmission in patchy environments connected by host and wind-aided midge movements. J. Appl. Math. Comput. 68, 1949–1978

Raphela, T.D. and Duffy, K., 2022. The Impact of Lantana camara on Invertebrates and Plant Species of the Groenkloof Nature Reserve, South Africa. Zoological Studies, 61.

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Collins, O.C. and Duffy, K.J., 2022. A mathematical model for the dynamics and control of malaria in Nigeria. Infectious Disease Modelling, 7: 728-741.

Mkhize, X., Oldewage-Theron, W., Napier, C., Duffy, K., Mthembu, B.E., 2022. Introducing grain legumes for crop diversification and sustainable food production systems amongst urban small-holder farmers: a food and nutrition security project in KwaZulu . Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, 1-24.

Malinzi, J., Gwebu, S. and Motsa, S., 2022. Determining COVID-19 dynamics using physics informed neural networks. Axioms11:121.

Duffy, K.J. and Collins, O.C., 2021. Model analyses show how biodiversity conservation could reduce infectious diseases in an ecosystem. Natural Resource Modeling, 34(4): e12319.

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Mugabi, F., Duffy, K.J., Mugisha, J.Y. and Collins, O.C., 2021. Optimal control analysis of bluetongue virus transmission in patchy environments connected by host and wind-aided midge movements. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing, pp.1-30.

Ige, O.E., Olanrewaju, O.A., Duffy, K.J., and Collins, O.C., 2021. A review of the effectiveness of Life Cycle Assessment for gauging environmental impacts from cement production. Journal of Cleaner Production, 129213.

Cui, L., Guo, Q., Wang, X., Duffy, K. and Dai, X., 2021. Midgut bacterial diversity of a leaf-mining beetle, Dactylispa xanthospila (Gestro)(Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Cassidinae). Biodiversity Data Journal, 9: e62843.

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Collins, O. C. and Duffy, K.J., 2018. Analysis and Optimal Control Intervention Strategies of a Waterborne Disease Model: A Realistic Case Study.  Journal of Applied mathematics,

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Collins, O.C. and Duffy, K.J. 2016. Consumption threshold used to investigate stability and ecological dominance in consumer-resource dynamics.  Ecological Modelling, 319:155-162.

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 Human systems

Duffy, K.J., Collins, O.C., & Simelane, T., 2022. System dynamics model linking demand, employment movement between sectors and the economy for the South African construction sector. Theoretical and Empirical Researches in Urban Management, 17(2): 5-15.

Collins, O.C. and Duffy, K.J., 2021. Mathematical Analyses on the Effects of Control Measures for a Waterborne Disease Model with Socioeconomic Conditions. Journal of Computational Biology28(1): 19-32.

Collins O. C., Simelane T.S. and Duffy, K.J., 2019. Mathematical model showing how socio-economic dynamics in African cities could widen or reduce inequality. African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development, 1-8.

Collins, O.C., Simelane, T.S. and Duffy, K.J., 2019. Analyses of mathematical models for city population dynamics under heterogeneity. African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development11(3): 323-337.

Duffy, K.J., Simelane, T.S. and Collins, O.C., 2018. Income as a primary driver of South African inner-city migration. Theoretical and Empirical Researches in Urban Management, 13: 25-36.

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Pearce, B. 2015. The afterlife of books: metaphors of reality”. English Academy Review: Southern African Journal of English Studies, 32: 10-22.

Physical Systems Modelling Group

Engineering and process systems

Elmezughi, M.K., Salih, O., Afullo, T.J. and Duffy, K.J., 2022. Comparative Analysis of Major Machine-Learning-Based Path Loss Models for Enclosed Indoor Channels. Sensors22(13): 4967.

Salih, O. and Duffy, K.J., 2022. The local ternary pattern encoder–decoder neural network for dental image segmentation. IET Image Process, 16: 1511-1763.

Ige, O.E., Olanrewaju, O.A., Duffy, K.J., and Collins, O.C., 2022. Environmental Impact Analysis of Portland Cement (CEM1) Using the Midpoint Method. Energies, 15(7): 2708.

Ige, O.E., Duffy, K.J., Olanrewaju, O.A. and Collins, O.C., 2022. An Integrated System Dynamics Model and Life Cycle Assessment for Cement Production in South Africa. Atmosphere, 13: 1788.

Etim, A.O., Musonge, P., and Eloka-Eboka, A.C. 2022. A green process synthesis of bio-composite heterogeneous catalyst for the transesterification of linseed-marula bi-oil methyl ester. Results in Engineering, 16: 100645

Afolabi, F.O., Musonge, P., and Bakare, B.F. 2022. Adsorption of Copper and Lead Ions in a Binary System onto Orange Peels: Optimization, Equilibrium, and Kinetic Study. Sustainability 14: 10860.

Gumede, S. and Musonge, P. 2022. Characterisation of Mg-Al Hydrotalcite and Surfactant-Modified Bentonite Nano Clays for the Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage. Sustainability, 14: 9501.

Olagunju, O.A, Musonge P., and Kiambi, S.L. 2022. Production and Optimization of Biodiesel in a Membrane Reactor, Using a Solid Base Catalyst. Membranes; 12, (7), 674.

Harripersadth, C. and Musonge, P. 2022. The Dynamic Behaviour of a Binary Adsorbent in a Fixed Bed Column for the Removal of Pb2+ Ions from Contaminated Water Bodies. Special Issue Advances in Biomass Valorization Approaches for the Circular Economy Sustainability 2022, 14: 7662.

Jwara, T.Y.S., Musonge, P., an dBakare, B.F. 2022. Chemical Oxygen Demand Characterization of Wastewaters Containing Mixed Effluents. International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology.  15: 68-77.

Etim, A.O., Musonge, P., and Eloka-Eboka, A.C. (2022). Evaluation of in-situ and ex-situ hybridization study in the optimised transesterification of waste and pure vegetable oils. Biofuels, Bioproducts & Biorefining.

Paliathanasis, A., 2022. Lie symmetry analysis for two-phase flow with mass transfer. International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation.

Mathematical physics group

Govender, W., Bogadi, R.S., Govender, M. and Duffy, K.J., 2022. Dynamical forces and the influence of an equation of state on gravitational collapse. Annals of Physics, p.168814.

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Theoretical physics group

Zloshchastiev, K.G., 2022. Galaxy rotation curves in superfluid vacuum theory. Pramana97: 2.

Zloshchastiev, K.G., 2022. Resolving the puzzle of sound propagation in a dilute Bose–Einstein condensate. International Journal of Modern Physics B36: 2250121.

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